Inclusive Design: from the pixel to the city
A new animated short from the Design Council about inclusive design. The film features conversations with designers creating the next generation of objects, graphics and vehicles that work better for everyone.

We’re excited to share with you our new animated short film about inclusive design. Inclusive Design: from the pixel to the city features conversations with leading designers creating the next generation of products, graphics and vehicles designed to work better for everyone.

Realizing the value of car design for your customers:
With this film we wanted to take a step back and explain what inclusive design means, and how it benefits the businesses that use it – creating great products from the iPad to the Ford Focus, and London’s new zero-emission black cab.

The animation was produced by Design Council with creative production studio El Carousel who created the world of the film using a combination of 3D modelling and lighting effects, 2D animation & rotoscoping, live-action filming and traditional hand-drawn cel animation.

The Experts
Niels van Roij is an award-winning automotive designer, his studio works on a range of projects across vehicle design, product, film and research. Niels is a visiting tutor and lecturer, his work has been exhibited internationally including at the London Transport Museum and Victoria & Albert Museum. He currently is part of the team at the RCA working on the inclusively designed Tomorrow’s Taxi with car maker Karsan.



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