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Rolls-Royce Bespoke

The briefing

“Consider a Rolls-Royce accessory piece for a Dawn – it needs to fit to the car and yet be removable. On one hand it could be considered as a piece of lightweight ‘luggage’ in that it is used to carry things that the owner may wish to take with them and so keep in mind what those things might be. Also keep in mind how it can work as a stand-alone item and yet something that looks like it belongs in the car when fitted. I am interested in seeing how the concept works in terms of your ideas of the following key words: Craftsmanship, Jewellery, Engineering, Innovation, Function.”


I believe that the accessory piece for Dawn doesn’t only need to fit to the car physically and aesthetically, but also conceptually, taking into account Dawn being the most social and relax Rolls-Royce. The fact that Dawn is a convertible makes the interior not only a very welcoming environment, but – especially with the top down – the interior welcomes the environment into the vehicle. An open top motor car is undoubtedly the best way of taking in the surroundings by using all senses, this goes in particular for smell.


Therefor I decided that the piece of lightweight ‘luggage’ should be designed to carry perfume.
The perfume case can either be shared by two life partners or be a personal case with day and night perfume. After researching the Dawn interior, in particular its storage spaces being the pockets in the doors and in the rear, the glovebox compartment, and the centre stack compartments in front and rear, I have found two places especially suitable for this perfume case: the centre stack storage and the glovebox compartment. In this document you will find the exploration of these two possibilities and the final choice.


The perfume case
The chromed steel frame of the perfume case is inspired by the typical Rolls-Royce waft line. Thecase is less formal in its design than previous Bespoke interior creations. Like Dawn it is social and relax, this also goes for its function – as the case can either be shared by two life partners or be a personal case with day and night perfume. On the front of the case a small indentation in the wood indicates the place a soft touch is needed to open the case: effortless.


Craftsmanship speaks from the materials
To deliver the perfect Bespoke experience to the world’s most discerning customers the design of the perfume case is allowing for the boldest of visions: the case is designed to cater for deeply personal commissions. Different frame materials like copper, titanium, polished stainless or even silver or gold plated could be chosen. The frame could also be colour coded to match the famous mirror finish paint of Rolls-Royce. In that case a coach line could be applied to add even more character to the design.

The three exterior inserts of the case could be all made of the same material, for instance silk, leather or book matched wood – matching the interior trim of the car – or a combination of different materials. The images on these pages show cross banded teak, matching the interior trim exactly, so when opening the centre stack storage space the cars’ book match is still continued, on the case.

Inside of the case a material match with the vehicle could again take place. Materials used that form the base for holding
the bottles could be leather, cashmere or even Lambswool. Contrast stitching and leather inserts with embossed Rolls-Royce monograms logos?

Clients can let the materials and their fantasy speak while curating the case…


Like jewellery
Opening the case will every time give this special sense of occasion. It is like opening a precious box with jewellery. The bottles are angled upwards 45 degree, allowing the best view on the bottles and for them to catch the light perfectly.
The Bespoke scent could be held in place by fabric, inspired on Jo Malones gift wrapping ideas. This material could also be chosen more adventurously. The perfume could be secured by lace, making the perfume steadily fixed during the journey -important for the preservation of the quality of the perfume- and making unwrapping and use extra special. To match the British character the lace could be material made by Sarah Burton, Alexander McQueen.


Proud engineering heritage.
The hinges and the frame are proudly shown in the design, being an integral part of the case. Function is as important as aesthetics. Placing the case in the centre stack would cause a compromised access for the driver, so placement in the centre stack storage is most ideal. In this colcation it replaces the cup holders.


Linked to the cars ventilation
The tailor made scents could be linked to the cars ventilation system, a special way of connecting customer with car and scent.

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